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Preschool Sports / K4 Athletics (PSS / K4)

 Will prioritize safety of its players and coaches during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Participation in PSS / K4 will require adherence to the most recent COVID19 requirements as published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Ohio Department of Health, Lorain County Public Health. This could result in changes to the PSS/K4 start date, team rosters, practice/ game structure, and practice / game dates and times. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this difficult situation.

 On August 1, 2020, Ohio’s Interim Director of the Department of Health ordered the following: “Contact practice and training may resume for all sports. Only intra-club/team scrimmages are permitted for contact sports and practices/open gyms should be limited in the same way wherever possible. Competitive games and tournaments are permitted for non-contact sports only.” – Responsible Restart Ohio (Ohio Department of Health) Each set of player’s and coach’s requirements listed below are, at a minimum, in accordance with the governing bodies listed above. PSS / K4 reserves the right to change these requirements at any time.

 Further information can be found at the following websites:

Ohio Department of Health –

Centers for Disease Control –

 Lorain County Public Health -



1. All players and coaches must do a temperature self-check prior to each class.

a. An PSS / K4 coach has the right to complete a temporal temperature check on players prior to class.

              b. If a player/coach has a temperature, they cannot participate in class.

 c. Anyone who feels sick or has any symptoms of COVID should not attend class.

d. Anyone who has had close contact with a COVID positive person should not attend class.

e. Anyone who becomes sick during a class must leave immediately.

 2. There is to be no shared personal equipment.

 a. Each player is responsible to bring their own equipment, including, but not limited to:  Shin Guards, Water Bottle, Hand Sanitizer

b. Coaches are to have extra masks 

c. Balls will be provided and sanitized after each class.

d. Football, tackling dumbies will be sanitized for each team when they report to the station.

3. Players / Parents must remain in their vehicles until the designated time for a class.  Due to facility size, parents may escort their child to the gym. 

·       K4 Classes (Indoors), (Basketball, volleyball, indoor lacrosse) parents can NOT stay and watch. They must return to there vehicle. At the end of class you may line up outside and wait for the coaches to bring your child to you.

·       Preschool Sports Classes (Indoors), (Volleyball, Basketball, Floor Hockey, indoor Tee Ball) only 1 parent will be  allowed to stay and watch.

4. Face Coverings for Players and Coaches are required within the rules stated below. It is the responsibility of the coach(es)/Parents to ensure this is followed.

a. Coaches must have a face covering on at all times.

b. Players must wear a face covering between the parking lot and the field/gym.

c. Players must wear a face covering when not actively playing and while on the sideline.

5. Social Distancing is required on the sidelines and at all times when off the field of play. It is the responsibility of the coach(es)/ Parents to ensure this is followed.

a. Players and coaches must sanitize their hands each time they come off the field of play / court.

b. Hand contact of any kind is prohibited (handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc.).

c. We are recommending that the outdoor playground equipment not be used before or after class

6. Coaches/Parents must notify PSS / K4 if they, their players, or anyone on a player’s household has a positive COVID diagnosis.

 If a report is provided with a positive COVID case to a player/coach on a team, the next 14 days  are postponed and the classes that are within the 14 days

 8. Follow general hygiene protocols:

a. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands.

b. Cover mouths when coughing or sneezing (recommend covering mouth with the nape of the elbow).

c. Launder clothes after class. 


1.  If the ball goes out of bounds, a player / coach should retrieve the ball. Spectators are not to pick up the ball.

2. Players can wear a mask on the field of play during a class. a. The mask cannot have any metal pieces. b. The mask must fit around the ears. 


 Class size  could consistent of up to 25 children for indoor classes, up to 60 for outdoor classes.  The inner circle will consist of small groups no larger than 10 per coach.

a.      Soccer, each “team” will consist of no more than 10 children per team. Each team will split and play either 4 v 4 or 5 v 5 against there opponent playing the width of the soccer field.

b.      Basketball, each “team” of up to 10 children. Each team will move station to station doing Basketball drills at each station.  There will be 4 to 5 stations every week.

c.       Volleyball, each “team” will consist up to 10 children.


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Preschool Sports & K4 Sports / LC Sports Clinics

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Preschool Sports & K4 Sports / LC Sports Clinics

217 Moore Rd 
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012

Phone: 216-256-0310
Email: [email protected]
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